S2 A New Life

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A New Life is a story written by Tommy. It follows the life of office clerk Pete during the zombie apocalypse, as he tries to reunite with his grilfriend, Angela. It eventually changes the focus to the lifes of both Pete and Angela during the apocalypse.

Plot Edit

Pete works on an advertising agency, but he haves nothing to do with advertising. All he does is sitting on his desk all day, doing whatever his boss tells him to do. Pete is sick of this job, as he never liked it and only does this to pay his debts, but he doesn't have what it takes to quit.

One day, while working, Pete's life changed forever, as he was forced to change his lifestyle after an apocalypse suddenly breaks in, taking loved ones from him.

Episodes Edit

Cast Edit

Here are listed the cast from Season Two. For the full cast, look here.

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