Gender Male
Hair Dark Brown
Age 20's
First Appearance Never Too Careful
Last Appearance Never Too Careful
Death Shot in the eye by Leon
Status Dead
Series lifespan Never Too Careful
Ethnicity Hispanic-American
"Y-You... You came back to me... After all you did to m-my people... Y-You came back to f-finish the job..."
—Diego's mumblings briefly before dying[src]

Diego is a minor character encountered in A New Life Season Two. He is a disturbed man living alone in a small neighbourhood. He apparently had a conflict with Bandit Nigel and his penis.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Diego haves long, dark brown hair, tied in a ponytail, and a chin goatee. His eyes are dark brown over his glasses. He is described to have many bruisers and cuts on his face when he is encountered.

Personality Edit

Diego was deeply disturbed when encountered, at the point of hallucinating that Pete and Leon were bandits, and getting horrified over his own actions of shooting a stranger.

Post-Apocalypse Edit

When Pete and Leon go check out a house on a small neighbourhood, they encounter Diego, who shoots Leon at the first sight. He drops his guns, claiming that he didn't meant to shoot the man, and mistakes the men for bandits in Nigel's group.

He hints that he had a group before and the bandits did horrible things, possibly killed them all.

Death Edit

Killed By:

Suddenly after being shot by Diego, Leon gets up and shoots the man in his head, in retaliation for shooting him.

Relationships Edit

Bandit Nigel Edit

Diego appears to be deeply scared of Nigel and his group, getting paranoic believing that they would come back and kill him.

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