"There are rules in this place..."

-Galina "Red" Reznikov

This page consists of the official rules of General Fan Fiction Wiki. If these rules are broken, you will receive a warning or ban, depending on what rule was broken.


No insulting other users

If you insult a user in a blog or forum for no reason, you will receive a warning, if you insult a user on chat for no reason, you will be kicked, and if your story contains any content that insults or degrades other users without their consent, it will be deleted and you will receive a warning not to continue. This rule does not apply to parodies, as long as they are not created with the sole purpose of causing offence.

No spoilers

This wiki is very close to The Walking Dead wiki, with nearly all of it's users being active contributors there, so please do not post spoilers about episodes/issues that have not been released in the States. Doing so will get you a warning, and continuing to do so will get you blocked. Additionally, if a user states that they do not want spoilers for any other game/show/comic/etc., please do not spoil that for them, as doing that will result in the same consequences.

No illegal content

Please do not write about any illegal content in your stories. If you do so, you will receive a warning. Illegal content is defined as content that is illegal in your country or state.

No story-related blogs

Please do not make blogs about your story. You can create a thread in the forums for your story, but please refrain from doing so in a blog as it clogs the Wiki Activity more than forum posts do.

No spam

Please do not spam the chat or comments/threads unless an admin or chat mod allows it. Generally, even when they allow it, excessive amounts of spam will still result in a kick on chat.

No inappropriate content

Please do not link anything inappropriate (porn, people dying, etc.) unless an admin gives you permission.

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