Life is a story by Bloxxasourus and DarkShadow667. It follows a sophomore but as the series goes on a young man's life named Daniel Murphy as he makes choices through out the series, each leading to different outcomes. In this series, the readers make the choices and the writers make the outcome, with choices actually mattering.


The story follows a sophomore but later as the series goes on a young man named Daniel Murphy going through his every day life but with major and long-term choices that will affect the series from volume to volume. He's an average every day high school student with an average GPA, and reputation. Throughout high school and the rest of his life, he makes major choices whether they are subtle or balantly obvious.


Volume 1: The IntroductionEdit



  • This is the first serious 'Choices' Story as GFF: The Walking Dead is a comedy and the choices don't matter. At all.
    • That series is also written by Bloxx and Dark.

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