Maurice Rook "GOD"
Rook Strife 2.1
Status Alive
Age sexy
Gender Male
Height tall af
First Seen Issue 02
Last Seen N/A
Death Never
Relations Every female character - fuckbuddy
Ethnicity African-English
Occupation Pantie wetter
I want a Rook shaped dildo.
— Katie expressing her love for Rook


Maurice Rook or just "Rook" is a character first encountered in Issue 02 of Strife.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Rook is a sexy piece of black beef and is a cool guy



Before the outbreak Rook got all the bitches wet.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Womens ovaries
  • Guys egos
  • Numerous counts of the undead.


Vincent MyersEdit

Vincent really wants to suck Rook's dick but can't cos Rook don't roll that way m8

Rowena MyersEdit

Rowena like the other women in the group takes daily penetrations from Rook's donger


Before the outbreak Katie would often stalk Rook, this spooked R0ok and he filed a restraining order after the outbreak Katie cornered Rook in an alley and they boned, this totally happed legit af




  • Rook is the best character, do not try to argue this fact.
  • GostWolf named dis nigga apperntly shiet

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