The Dead Beneath
Reddy This story has been scrapped.

The Dead Beneath is a fanfic story of the undead, created by NotCrazyZora. It follows the story of a young man thrust into a dangerous environment. The dead have risen and they only do one thing. They feast on the flesh of the living.


The Dead Beneath/Characters

Character PostersEdit

The Dead Beneath/Character Posters


One day, for reasons nobody knows, something bad happened. The Dead rose, they began to feast on the flesh of the living, and it spread far and wide. This is the story of a young man, doing what he can to survive the aftermath of this apocalyptic event, the rising of... The Dead Beneath.


List of Deaths

Character Perspective ColoursEdit

Occasionally, the series is seen through the perspective of a different character. Different perspectives are marked by font colour. This is a list of font colours by character.

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Warning! With sexual content that may come, I am only letting you people who can't handle it off the hook this one time. for the rest of the series, If you can't handle sexual content, then either skip Episodes with sexual content, or stop reading the series now.

Season 3Edit


  • Episodes coming soon.


There are numerous spin-offs of TDB, for the most part each written by someone different. These are all to be approved by ZoraLink10nLink.

The Dead Beneath Shorts (Written by ZoraLink10nLink)Edit

Occasionally, I come up with a little joke to make about the story, so I put it into one of these. TDB Shorts are not canon to the actual series, and often they are not canon to each other either.

Season 2 Rebooted (Written by DarkShadow667 and Bloxxasourus)Edit

DarkShadow667 and Bloxxasourus has been given permission to write a new version of Season 2. please take note that it is completely non-canon, and Season 3 is not based on the aftermath of it.

The Dead Origins (Written by Popozão)Edit

Popozão is writing a prequel to the series following the penises of several characters other then Dan. It can be read here.


Season 1Edit


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Guest Characters

Season 3Edit


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