(Collin is standing on Vince's platform from Scene 1 as he begs the people to vote for him. The crowd contains many cast members).

Collin: Please, friends, do the good thing. Vote for me, and see this village take a prosperous tune.

Hippo: But what about your past? We want someone who we can trust, someone who we can put our faith in!

Crowd: Yeah!

Song: Poor Unfortunate Souls

(The crows surges forward and lifts Collin from the stage, before carrying him and Drummer to the hut of the elders, while a butthurt Sam stands to the side and cries. Hippo is shown talking to a group of people).

Narrator Riley: But not everyone fell for Shell's tricks. Gravelord, a free thinker and obsessive Jesus freak (but not that Jesus), was considered a much better candidate by his followers, but at the time they were few. Four to be exact: Hippo, the village sarcastic; Bloxx, the village idiot; Katie, the village bike; and Ghost, one of the Village People.

Hippo: This makes me feel uneasy.

Katie: We should talk to Cam, he has a connection with the admins.

Ghost: I don't trust that sorcerer...

Grave: You don't trust anyone Ghost, but Jesus trusted Rick, so I'll trust Cam.

Katie: Do you always ask yourself what Jesus would do?

Grave: Yes. WWJD.

Bloxx: Kenny beats Jesus.

Grave: No.

Bloxx: Yes.

Hippo: Alright fgts, let's move.

(They walk to a nearby mystical looking hut, it is the home of Cam the Wise).

Cam: Ah, welcome to my hut.

(The group mumbles hellos).

Cam: What can I do for you all?

Hippo: We want to know what Shell's future as admin will be...we know of your special connections...

Ghost: I don't trust this sorcery...

Cam: I've always wanted to do this song...

(Masta and Dom appear behind Cam).

Song: Friends on the Other Side

Hippo: What the fuck was that?

Katie: I have no idea.

Ghost: Sorcery...

Bloxx: The magic of Kenny.

Cam: Okay, you guys caught me out. The first half of the song was an accurate prediction from my friends on the admin side, but the second half was a load of bollocks. It was fun though. Meh.

Hippo: We sat through that second half for nothing? Jesus Christ...

Grave: Yay Jesus!

(Kaley is sitting at home, wandering about romance).

Narrator Riley: For some people, the dispute about the elders could take a backseat. Take Kaley for instance, a girl trying to find true love after being dumped by Colonel Sanders. In my opinion, Masta would be a good match for her.

Kaley: Fuck off Riley.

[End Scene 2]